Published on Thursday October 21, 2021 at 10:16

La Linière

  • La Linière - Mercure Liège City Centre
Your corporate dining in a historic setting
Located on the ground floor of Hotel Mercure Liège City Centre, the “La Linière” restaurant is undergoing renovations and invites you to discover its authentic, seasonal cuisine, which is served in a friendly, “dining bar” ambiance.

Thanks to partnerships with reliable suppliers and local artisans, who minimize the time taken for produce to reach the table, the menu is based on high-quality produce. Local, seasonal produce and “homemade”- these are the keywords to describe talented chef Lory Lejeune. Put your discerning taste buds to the test, by tasting the aged meats or the dishes of the day. Enjoy the taste of tradition with classic dishes, such as boulet à la Liégeoise. If you don’t have much of an appetite, or are low on time, try the appetizer platters.

This historical building is also the ideal setting for organizing a residential seminar, with the option of enjoying a menu that the chef has prepared specially.

Nothing adds character to your events like choosing this location, which has a rich heritage. Admire the many remnants from time gone by, such as the magnificent vaulted hall and the terrace overlooking the garden, not to mention the name, which was chosen as a tribute to the site’s industrial past.