Published on Tuesday September 17, 2019 at 09:17


No. 1 business and networking centre in Hesbaye 
As the leading Business Guest House in Belgium, IDDUP offers companies on the move a unique location and a diversified range: a well-lit, ultra-connected infrastructure, 140m² modular workspace and luxury accommodation.

Situated in Oreye, between Liège and Brussels, the Atrium is the ideal place to work, whether you are convening as a select committee, for training, for a meeting, in work groups or for conference calls. It is the perfect setting for reflecting on your ecological projects, workshops, team building, seminars and conferences, and the dream site for overnight stays with two double rooms, an enormous bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, lounge, a 300 m² garden and two landscaped terraces.

The ambience there is at once chic and relaxed, and each space has its own personality. These are perfect premises for enjoying conversations, reading for pleasure, and resting or working.

IDDUP Atrium is not only a superb multifunctional workspace situated in one of the most beautiful villages in the Hesbaye – it is also a real experience.