Published on Tuesday September 17, 2019 at 09:47


  • Forestia
Adventure way up high!
A major wildlife park in Wallonia and a renowned adventure park for all thrill-seekers, Forestia also places its numerous amenities at your disposal for team-building activities in the heart of this superb playing ground. Take part in Forest-Games and pit yourself against your colleagues during an inter-team challenge!

As you do so, boost cohesion among your team members by means of 6 adventure trials to challenge both body and mind. Confront one another in the heart of the adventure park, in the trees, on the climbing walls and during ground trials too. Having to face situations that demand co-ordination, collaboration and excelling oneself, you will be called on to take up these challenges together.

These activities are optionally available on a half or full-day basis. The first option concentrates solely on the 6 trials, which see 2 to 6 teams comprised of 5 to 8 persons pitted against one another for 3 hours, while the second offers a programme identical to the half-day but moreover comprises a visit to the wildlife park, an additional admission to the climbing wall and/or adventure park as well as an optional lunch or dinner.

An alternative package: the Family Day. This allows you to bring together your staff members along with their families for an unforgettable time. Other possibilities on offer to businesses by Forestia include a day with catering or tailored events.