Destination Liège

Liège, daughter of the Meuse and Wallonia’s leading tourist city, is also a metropolis of European standing, of a manageable size, where the warm welcome is legendary.
  • Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège
  • Orchestre philharmonique royal de Liège
  • Saint-Barthelemy
  • Musée de la Vie wallonne - Liège

Liège, a city renowned worldwide for its art and culture

A city of art and culture, Liège is home to the Opéra Royal de Wallonie, which has just rediscovered its former splendour, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège, renowned around the world for its virtuosity and repertoire! Finally, the University of Liège (ULG), the region’s intellectual and cultural centre and an economic hub, enjoys international renown.  

Liège also represents an abundant cultural heritage: its numerous museums located in the city’s historical heart, including in particular the Grand Curtius, which retraces 7000 years of art and history of the Liège region, and the Museum of Walloon Life.
  • Place Cathédrale - Liège
  • Le Carré - Liège

The Ardent City... a lively, festive and convivial town

Resolutely lively, the city of Liège regularly hosts major exhibitions and abounds in quality cafés, brasseries and restaurants that leave visitors spoilt for choice!  

Liège city centre and, more particularly, the Cathedral Square and its environs, along with the famousCarré”, are places that best embody the festive and convivial side of the Liégeois... definitely places not to be missed when you’re staying in Liège.

Some iconic business tourism sites in Liège

  • Château des Thermes de Chaudfontaine
  • Château des Thermes de Chaudfontaine - Salle de réunion
  • The majestic Château des Thermes de Chaundfontaine
A short distance away from Liège, the Château des Thermes in Chaudfontaine has three very attractive seminar rooms, top-of-the-range accommodation (4-star hotel), renowned cuisine and, of course, a Wellness centre known for its multiple treatment, wellness and relaxation programmes.
  • Comtes de Méan - Liège
  • Comtes de Méan - Terrasse
  • A renowned hotel sector, including a 5-star hotel
Besides this establishment, Liège has renowned, high-quality hotels with more than 1100 available rooms, including several 3 and 4 stars. Liège also has numerous charming hotels and a remarkable 5-star hotel located downtown: the Comtes de Méan.
  • Palais des Congrès de Liège
  • Salle Reine Elisabeth - Palais des Congrès de Liège
  • The superb Palais des Congrès complex
The Palais des Congrès. Recently renovated, the complex adjacent to the superb setting of la Boverie enjoys outstanding surroundings and has more than twenty modular rooms and an auditorium that can host a thousand people. Its two large halls offer an unbeatable panoramic view across the Meuse.
  • Cercle de Wallonie - Vue aérienne
  • Cercle de Wallonie - Salle de réunion
  • The Château du Val Saint-Lambert, home among others to the Cercle de Wallonie
Just a few kilometres away from Liège, this castle located on the site of a former Cistercian abbey offers you around fifteen rooms for organising all types of events. Moreover, on this same site, the Cristalleries du Val Saint-Lambert form a major attraction where you can still admire the unique work and savoir-faire of the master glaziers.  
  • Bateau Pays de Liège
  • Le Cadran - Liège
  • Château de Harzé
  • And still more unusual, characterful sites
For the more imaginative among you, Liège province has various unusual offers, such as the “Pays de Liègeboat, which will take you away for cruises on the Meuse, the Abbaye de la Paix Dieu, the prestigious halls of the University of Liège, and the Cadran, a quality events space located in the heart of Liège. For heritage fans, make your way to the Château de Harzé. At the gate of Ardenne, this residential seminar centre offers a quality modern infrastructure, along with 23 rooms with all conveniences.