Published on Monday August 16, 2021 at 09:22

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Let us guide you in organising your in-person meetings
Liège province
Although many meetings can take place remotely via video conferencing tools which have developed constantly in recent months, it’s not always possible to use them for various reasons. Some situations make ‘in person’ meetings essential. Are you unsure about holding them due to the current restrictions? They are still permitted under certain conditions to be met of course, as was recently confirmed by the FPS Economy.

You can therefore hold meetings in one of the many rooms made available by Liege Province providers, mainly in two specific situations:
  • If the meeting cannot take place over video conference, because you have to sign documents, present confidential financial results, give a presentation with flip charts, or consult plans
  • If your company does not have a meeting room or it is too small to observe safety distances

You simply need to be able to prove that you are in one of these two situations and meet the few conditions described below:
  • Follow the rules of 10m² per person and 1.50m distance between each participant
  • Be able to have hand sanitiser in the room used and at reception. 
  • Wear a mask without fail
  • Frequently ventilate the rooms (ideally every hour)
  • Have the room disinfected before and after the meeting
  • Provide individual water bottles in the rooms. 
  • Not organise coffee breaks or lunch breaks in the meeting rooms.
The sites and locations that offer these meeting spaces make every effort to enable you to follow these rules by arranging the rooms to have enough space and frequently ventilating the rooms or disinfecting them! There are seminar and conference centres, business hotels, and event venues: you will be spoilt for choice with the countless possibilities that exist!