Published on Tuesday December 03, 2019 at 15:34

Avernas Golf Club

  • Avernas Golf Club
Joy and family spirit
How about getting your colleagues together, or inviting your clients to a unique setting where everyone feels comfortable and can relax? Choose the Avernas Golf Club

Located close to the motorway between Brussels and Liège, this club lets you enjoy golf in a large training area (lit practice, 2 putting greens, a pitching area, and compact 6-hole course), or show off your talents on a beautifully woody 9-hole course.

An adaptable conference room is also available and perfectly complements the golf. This is ideal for organising your business events. It is fully equipped: Wi-Fi, overhead projector, screen, printer, and scanner. This room is also offered as a shared working space.

An incredible restaurant — '’The Lemongrass’ — is located on the open terrace and allows you to regain your energy between two rounds or meetings. It seats sixty people inside and offers both traditional cuisine and more exotic Asian-inspired dishes.

Do you enjoy originality and relaxation and want to sample delicious dishes?  Look no further – this location is exactly what you need for your end-of-year celebrations!